Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a girl!

Our little alien


The moment you have all been waiting for...yup, it's a girl!

Where the wild things are

The infamous paw print
Apparently we have some big animal that has been roaming around our house. We have been finding gynormous paw prints and we can't find the owner (maybe I don't want to). Pretty sure it ate our cat and we haven't seen as many cottontails hopping around lately. Any ideas on what it could be? Kind of makes me nervous...

The potato bag fiasco!

Our new microwave after the potato almost burnt our house down

Our potato bag
For those of you who have been introduced to the potato bag, I am sure that you also thought this was a wonderful invention. This amazing creation that magically turned a hard, raw potato into a fluffy masterpiece in only 8 minutes. Well, beware! One Sunday I was making baked potatoes in this bag and went to join my husband in the front room while they were cooking when I could smell smoke. I looked toward the kitchen and sure enough, it was filled with smoke. We raced to the kitchen and Dayne opened the microwave grabbed the flaming bag and chucked it outside. We had to retire Dayne's old microwave after that because it no longer worked. I am not going to complain however, because we got a pretty sweet new microwave out of the deal.

Get in my belly!

14 Weeks
After many requests for belly pictures, this is all I have so far. This picture was taken at 14 weeks and I am now 23 weeks and I pretty much haven't pooched since then. I am filling out everywhere else however...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trailer Trash (Before the makeover)

The Hallway


Dayne's personal favorite-the bathroom. Yes, that is a piece of ag-bag covering the the shower wall and yes, the walls really were that yellow.

Caution: After reading this you may the sudden urge to go purchase a 1978 single wide trailer (I will not be held responsible) Oh the joys of living in a single wide trailer that was manufactured before you were even thought of. This is my list of the best reasons to live in one.
  1. It gets your creative juices flowing: it is so much fun trying to find ways to store everything from a trailer full of wedding gifts, to food storage, to now making room for a baby.
  2. I get to play hide and seek often: did I mention it is hide and seek with the mice? I want you to know that I have won! I found where they were coming in at and stuffed every potential hole with steal wool. (It wasn't until after one game where I found a whole nest of baby ones hiding in the stuffing of my brand new slippers however)