Monday, July 13, 2009

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy

Pure delight

Totally loving it

Still thinking...

Trying to decide if she likes it or not
I borrowed this kigh tech little chair from my mom. It vibrates, bounces, and has this attachment that lights up, plays music, makes noises, and has blows bubbles that make the fish and starfish move. At first I took the attachment off because she didn't seem that interested and just liked the vibration and then a couple weeks later I put the attachment on and she LOVED it! At first she wasn't quite sure about it but then she really got into it.

Bad hair day!

I think this picture is hilarious! This poor kid's hair is Out Of Control!

Perfect All American Girl

Baby Alli sporting the cute bow her Aunt Kristen made her

The jello I made

Woopsie, let's try that again

The first picture of all the grandkids together. I love how Anniston is determined to shove Baby Owie Owie's paci in her mouth

Watching the parade with Vickie
We had a good 4th of July this year. Alli and I made it to the parade in Rupert and then we all went to Oakley to have dinner and watch fireworks at Vickie's sister's house.


After swimming snack

Kylie Jo was brave and went down the slide and Papa Bob caught her

Anniston and Kylie Jo

She was ready to get out by this time

I joined my parents for a couple of days at Nat-Soo-Pah. This was Alli's first time swimming and for the most part she liked it, the water was warm and it made her fall asleep. One of my favorite parts about this trip is that Anniston started calling Alli, "Owie Owie". She loves Baby Owie Owie and always has to maul her.

The nursery makeover

It's amazing how much stuff can fit in such a small space

After, and doesn't it look soooo much better?



I have officially finished Alli's room except that she isn't sleeping in it yet. It was a long process but I had so much help from my family. They are awesome!

Alli's Blessing

Alli in the blessing dress my mom made for her

She was such a good sport being passed around all day.

Good looking family

We had Alli blessed on Father's Day. It was neat to have Dayne be able to bless her on his first Father's Day. We had so much support from family and Dayne's sisters came up from California. It was such an awesome day.

Lean mean sewing machine

Working on the bedding for Alli's room

Christmas Stockings

The cute aprons I made for Kristen and Steph for their birthdays
For Christmas, Dayne surprised me with a super nice sewing machine so I decided to put it to good use. It has been so much fun! Here are a few of my projects...

Playing Catch Up

Yup, she hated it

Getting ready for her first "Big Girl" bath.

Her first day of church. 3 weeks old. She slept the whole time!

The day her cord fell off. It took almost a whole month. Innie or outie?